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Ad Astra Wine Bar & Market | 308 E Adams St, Springfield, IL
Ad Astra Is Proudly Woman Owned

Born out of an inquisitive mind and a thirsty palette, Ad Astra is the prime location to indulge in your favorite fine wines while expanding your palate with creative wine tastings and recommendations curated by our staff of wine enthusiasts.

It was imperative to the creation of Ad Astra that we be a part of the revitalization of historic downtown Springfield and that our story become a part of the history of downtown.

Behind the Name

ad as·​tra per as·​pe·​ra to the stars through hardships

Ad Astra was founded in 2022. Since opening we have grown our business from a wine bar with simple food options to a fully stocked cocktail and wine bar with a full kitchen menu of unique tapas and shareable plates.

During the initial planning of what Ad Astra was to be, my focus stayed centered on the feelings that the space, no matter what it was, would evoke in customers and how they would feel when they entered, experienced, left, or even just thought of, us.

In my life, I have faced many immense challenges that, many times, I was unsure if I would survive. Throughout all the pain, I needed and desperately wanted a space where I would be cared about, wanted, and welcomed. That space did not exist for me, and it became a life goal of mine to use my privilege and my talents to curate that for others.

My hope transformed into creating a place for others to experience when weary and needing a rest, when they were full of life and wanting to celebrate, and every moment in between. Ad Astra comes from the Latin phrase of “ad astra per aspera” meaning “to the stars through hardships”. This space, this place, was born from that phrase and my hope of being the pitstop meant to refuel and replenish those who need it and celebrate those who have survived and found success.

      • Kristina Barbee, Owner & Founder
Who We Are

Ad Astra is the most thoughtful and inclusive wine experience available in Central Illinois.

We strive to provide a high-quality and inclusive atmosphere and product for our patrons to enjoy with us or at home, whether they are looking for a moment of relaxation or of celebration. We envision a future where differences are honored at tables built big enough to welcome everyone; a future of high quality and sustainable lifestyles worth celebrating every day.


At Ad Astra, our values are more than marketing statements, they’re the core of how we do business.

Quality of product and service every day and every visit

Equity in our communities, our legislation, and of our treatment of others

Community centered on safety for those who have been made to feel unsafe, justice for those who have felt injustice, and care for those who need it most

Inclusion of diverse brands, of all who walk through our doors, and of the wide spectrum of identities and self expressions that make each of us unique

Sustainability for our staff, our business, and our environment through a business model built on care for each other and our planet