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Host a Pop up Shop!


We’re all about community and collaboration at Ad Astra and wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our amazingly collaborative community!

Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, an artist, or online brand, we would love to help you expand your audience and collaborate on a pop up shop event using our space.

Pop up shops are no cost, we just ask that you…

  • Not be a MLM (multi-level marketing) seller
  • Bring your own check out/point of sale system for your sales
  • Provide your own racks and display pieces
  • Advertise your pop up shop to your audience
  • And encourage your shoppers to grab a glass (or two, or three) to enjoy while they shop or after they get their goodies


If you’re interested in hosting a pop up shop with Ad Astra, please fill out the below contact form with your information and brand/store details. Please note that we may be unable to host a pop up shop with you if time or building/local ordinances do not allow and we reserve the right to say ‘no thank you’ if we determine that a collaboration would not be effective for Ad Astra or align with our company values. Thank you!